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Since the telecommunication industry came into being, it has become a vital part of daily life and emerged as a major direct communication channel for the common man. Our single platform for telecommunications as well as travel and banking industries makes these services conveniently accessible to all. Wekala is a trusted name in the same domain market. We believe in the best service to make the platform reliable.

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FasTag is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from a prepaid account linked to it. Now issue and recharge FasTag through A1 Recharge Solutions portal.
Save your time and fuel as you do not stop to pay cash or receive cash change and zip through the toll plazas on the national and select state highways. FASTag, an electronic toll collection service, makes toll payment cashless as the toll charges are automatically deducted from the FASTag account as your vehicle passes the toll plazas.


The purpose of offer (POS) or purpose of procurement (POP) is the time and place where a retail exchange is finished. At the purpose of offer, the trader ascertains the sum owed by the client, demonstrates that sum, may set up a receipt for the client (which might be a money enroll printout), and shows the alternatives for the client to make instalment. It is additionally the time when a client makes an installment to the shipper in return for merchandise or after arrangement of an administration. In the wake of getting installment, the trader may issue a receipt for the exchange, which is generally printed yet is progressively being abstained from or.

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